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TweakStyle is an advanced Code editor for creating and customizing the Web

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About TweakStyle

TweakStyle is an upcoming code editor for web designers and web developers, focused on frontend development.
It is scheduled for release in September 2014. Want to get it before? Don’t miss our early adopter offer on indiegogo.
From its release, TweakStyle will be available for OS X and Windows. We may release it for Linux later depending on demands.


Today, the usual web design workflow is heavility split. We use dozen of tools that do not interact. We lose a lot of time, switching between windows, searching for what we want to change and using inadequate tools. Most code editors and IDEs are made for coding and for coding only, but web design is much more than just coding. Web design is about combining, adjusting, testing.

As a result TweakStyle breaks with standard code editors and introduces some unique features thought for web design packed with an unmatched user-friendly interface.


We’re building a software to be used intensively everyday by demanding people. Usefulness, quality and user experience are permanent concerns. We want to break with all those fusty tools and bring UX, usability, ergonomic design, intuitiveness and ease of use in code editors. Features should be accessible when we need it, at the right place and in an intuitive way.

User experience





Intuitive. Appealing. Straight forward.


Code and Preview side by side

TweakStyle provides side by side code and preview panes with smart tools utilized on both the preview and the code.
The preview pane allows you to preview local files or navigate online.
In the code pane you can see and edit the files being accessed in the display on the other side of the screen.
You can have many code editors opened simultaneously and you can drag and drop them to keep your work organized.

Multiple files

CSS Override

This allows you to work directly on a live website without having to set up a test server on your computer.
In one click you can override live CSS files with local ones. You can also immediately preview your work as you make changes.
CSS Changes are applied without reloading the page, saving time and frustration.

Live & Override


The selector allows you to focus on a specific element on the web page.
You see its style and change it quickly in the left pane. The new css rule assist generates the CSS3 selector code for you.
A magnifying glass allow you to see details and adjust style without screwing up your eyes.


CSS3 assist tools

TweakStyle incorporates CSS3 assist tools. One of which is a color picker that includes a contextual palette making it easy to manage colors.
More tools are in the works and will tweak up designers life, including responsive design tools and
CSS3 intuitive controls that will incorporate gradient, border, dimension, animation and transition features, and much more.

Color picker

Create, Adjust, Customize amazing design.

Fresh news

Early adopters Update 1

We just shipped the the first update to early adopters.
This update is reserved to crowdfunding backers that have bought an “early adopter” package.

The program include code pane filters, CSS Override and various UI improvements.

There will be two more updates up to the September release.

Stay tuned!

Early adopters release shipped

Early adopters release have just been shipped to early adopters.
This release is reserved to crowdfunding backers that have bought an “early adopter” package.

TweakStyle is in an early stage but it will let you feel its spirit: Usability first.
As is, TweakStyle is smooth, pleasant to use and functional.

We’ve been busy!

Wow… It’s been a whirlwind since our Indiegogo campaign ended and we’d like to share what we’ve been up to.

1. We’re going forward slowly but surely
The development of TweakStyle is progressing, we’re working hard to make it happen. Unfortunately we’re not going as fast as we would like to and the first releases may lack some features.
Here’s a summary of our progress over the last two months

2. Early adopters release is coming soon
The early release restricted to the « early adopter » backers of our crowdfunding campaign will come in June as promise, but we still have a few things to implement and to test before the release. Expect it for the last week of June.

3. No beta test phase for the first release
We still have a lot of work on the development side. Therefore, we have decided there will be no beta test phase for the early release. However, we may do one before the September release. So stay tuned!

Warm thank you

The crowdfunding campaign have now reached its deadline.

Thanks to all of you, we have raised more than $8000.
We’re extremely grateful for that and we’re going to do everything in our power to deliver the very best product for you all.


The home stretch

Our crowdfunding campaign will end in a few days. It’s now time to contribute if you havn’t done it yet and to remind your friends and colleagues about TweakStyle. After the deadline (2 April 2014, 23 h 59 Pacific Time) it will no longer be possible to preorder TweakStyle at such a discounted price.

Important notice: The campaign goal ($50000) is a symbolic one. TweakStyle will be delivered in any case, even if we dont reach the goal.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. http://igg.me/at/tweakstyle

Crowdfunding campaign reboot

Our crowdfunding campaign has now been live for one month. The results after one month are mitigated. We have raised less than $5000 and we are still far from our target. On the other hand, we’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback, people are enthusiastic about TweakStyle and we have now a small community of followers who are truly interested in the project.

The main reason for mitigated result is that we launched the crowdfunding campaign without being fully prepared. We should have started getting to know and building our community far earlier than we did and we should have made a much more attractive campaign. TweakStyle is much more than the few features presented in the video, it has a great potential and I think we initially failed to explain clearly what it is and what the potential of TweakStyle is.

So, what’s next? We’ve decided to “reboot” the crowdfunding campaign.

1)      Prices have been significantly decreased to less engaging ones. The launch offer is now as low as $35. People that have contributed before the change have the choice to either be reimbursed or upgraded.
2)      We’ve made clearer the advantages of contributing to the crowdfunding campaign, by releasing the delivery timeline and the final prices.
3)      We’ve explained why we are crowdfunding and what will happen if we reach our target.
4)      We also rewrote all the contents in a clearer way and added much more information about TweakStyle.
There are 30 days remaining, and we are really confident we can achieve it with your help:

  • Don’t hesitate to contribute to the campaign if you haven’t done it yet, you won’t regret it! http://igg.me/at/tweakstyle
  • Share and spread the word. There are still a lot of webdesigners and developers that haven’t heard about TweakStyle yet. Don’t hesitate to talk about us to your contacts. If you run a blog or write articles, don’t hesitate to write about us. If you need more information or contents, we’ll be pleased to answer.
  • Give us feedback (Do you think we’re right? Do you have ideas, tips for the software or the campaign?). We try to answer to all questions on Twitter, Facebook or by email.

Thank you for your help. We’ll never forget your support,
CEO & Main developer @ TweakStyle

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